Commercial research and consulting

Wellington UniVentures provides a range of commercial research and consultancy services building on intellectual property that has been developed inside Victoria University of Wellington. These services are provided alongside the more traditional commercialisation expertise that Wellington UniVentures delivers as a technology transfer office.

Our clients include external research agencies, industry clients and partners, private corporates and other universities located both in New Zealand and around the world.

Research and consultancy services from Wellington UniVentures can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients, helping to solve problems which would benefit from our expertise and intellectual property. To find out how we can assist you with your research requirements, please contact one of our team at the bottom of this page.

What we offer

Shared expertise

Through research collaboration with our clients to develop new intellectual property, Wellington UniVentures can call on expertise from within the Victoria University of Wellington ecosystem to deliver targeted results for our clients.

Product-based IP

Building on products that we have previously commercialised inside Victoria University of Wellington, we can work with you to apply our products to your problem.

Consultancy and advice

Our experts can provide bespoke consulting advice to help frame and execute your projects.

Our experts

We work with key research institutes within Victoria University of Wellington to provide business development and commercial expertise services on their behalf. Members of the Wellington UniVentures team can connect you with researchers at these institutes. 

Robinson Research Institute

“Experts in high temperature superconducting technology - solving problems in the fusion, aerospace and healthcare industries.”

The Robinson Research Institute offers contract research services, partnering with international organisations on a variety of projects ranging from core research and prototyping through to design, build and full integration services. 

Robinson’s world-leading team of material scientists, physicists and engineers provide solutions across a range of applications including fusion, NMR/MRI and aerospace.  With additional depth of expertise in cryogenics, flux pump design, magnetic sensors for non-destructive testing and advance materials characterisation facilities such as the SuperCurrent facililty, the Robinson Research Institute is well positioned to provide bespoke research and consulting services to firms worldwide, supporting new their product development and business growth.

Wellington UniVentures supports the Robinson Research Institute commercial activities and can provide further information on services available. Please contact Nicole van der Laak to discuss your unique requirements.


Ferrier Research Institute

 “A team of carbohydrate, analytical and biochemistry experts working to bring better drugs, materials and technology to the world.”

Wellington UniVentures collaborates closely with the Ferrier Research Institute to support the commercialisation of biotech projects and to secure colalborative research and consultancy projects. Please contact Janice Cheng to discuss your requirements.

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