Janice Cheng PhD

Head of Health & Wellbeing

Janice is responsible for supporting Wellington UniVentures' biotechnology portfolio and manages our analyst team who screen ideas to identify early-stage research with commercial potential.

She holds an undergraduate degree with honours in biomedical science, and a PhD in chemistry and immunology—both from Victoria University of Wellington. It was while working under the supervision of Associate Professors Bridget Stocker and Mattie Timmer that Janice developed ‘glowing’ glycolipid adjuvants derived from marine sponges, for use in cancer immunotherapy.

In addition to her work with the Wellington UniVentures' biotechnology portfolio, Janice also does some lab work at the Ferrier Research Institute with Professor Gavin Painter, who also specialises in glycolipids.

She worked in Melbourne for three years as a postdoctoral fellow on projects around antigen recognition, under the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Advanced Molecular Imaging.