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Viclink coordinates e-Government delegation from India

In November 2019, we were delighted to welcome a group of 25 senior level officials working in India’s e-Government sector…

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A measured approach to clean energy

A global effort is underway to unlock a virtually limitless source of pollution-free energy—and Viclink is supporting the Victoria University…

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Detecting success

A joint venture established in 2016 between the University of South Australia (UniSA), Victoria University of Wellington and Viclink is…

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Vital industry learning and connections

Last week members of the Return on Science Investment Committees were welcomed to Wellington. Return on Science Committees give researchers the opportunity…

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Valuable Indonesian education partnership signed

Viclink's Jeff Howe, General Manager International Development, has been instrumental in formalising a valuable relationship between Victoria University of Wellington…

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Fund launched to create impact from early-stage innovation

Viclink—Victoria University of Wellington’s commercialisation office—has created a specialised fund aimed at translating early-stage research into products and services that…

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Making memories

Viclink is helping a group of Victoria University of Wellington researchers—led by Drs Ben Ruck and Franck Natali—to commercialise a…

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Bootcamp was not in vein

It might be five years since they first started working on their ‘big idea’ at Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp, but Ben Palmer…

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The X-Factor

Approximately half of all New Zealand's waste—about 1.6 million tonnes every year—is generated by the construction sector. But now a Victoria University…

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In a good position to create impact

A newly created position at Viclink—known as ‘Innovator-in-Residence’—is helping a Victoria University of Wellington researcher to commercialise the many good…

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When failure leads to success

As power poles age throughout the decades, the danger of them failing increases—and so, too, does the risk of electrocutions…

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Victoria University of Wellington's Entrepreneurs Awarded

Viclink is delighted to announce that two of the category winners at the 2019 KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards in Auckland tonight are…

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