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Useful information on the KiVa programme in New Zealand.

Our tamariki deserve a helping hand. Register your school for KiVa today.

Given the severity and the duration of the outcomes for our tamariki (see brochure below for details), we have an obligation to do all we can to tackle this problem and make our schools safer and happier places to be. 




How KiVa Works in New Zealand

Where is KiVa being used?

KiVa is currently in over 60 schools throughout New Zealand including across a wide range of deciles and in rural, urban, special character and kura environments.

Will KiVa work alongside our behaviour management plan?

Many KiVa schools have behaviour management plans in place. KiVa complements existing behaviour management strategies by separating bullying from bad behaviour. Bullying is often hidden whilst bad behaviour is often visible. Teachers have described KiVa as “the missing piece” in their school’s behaviour management system.


How much does KiVa add to teachers’ workloads?

Lessons are richly resourced with a range of engaging games, activities and support materials for teaching staff. These resources can be effectively integrated into classroom plans with discussion topics, mindfulness exercises, health and wellness links, and creative writing and reading activities to complement the KiVa lesson plan. Teachers need to prepare for the lesson delivery, as they do for any classroom lessons.

Who attends the staff training?

All teachers, classroom assistants and school staff are encouraged to attend the training as bullying behaviour presents itself in all areas of school life. It is beneficial for the whole school community to understand the KiVa programme philosophy and process.


Does KiVa meet the needs of Māori and Pasifika students?

Yes, KiVa is a whole-school approach. It focuses on teaching respect and acceptance of all students, their culture and identity, and encompasses community development as a holistic approach to tackling bullying behaviours.

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